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About Us

Designing Meaningful and Functional Gifts

Each eyeglass stand is hand crafted to order from our workshop in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

I am always brainstorming ways to create things for others, something useful, something to solve a problem, something to make them smile. I found woodworking was a great way to help me execute some of those ideas. So I started off just creating toys for kids, and gifts for friends out of reclaimed wood. When I have spare time I still like producing those gifts.

There is something inherently warm and beautiful about working with wood, it is a small fragment of nature, and it's timeless. The color and the grain pattern of the wood I work with make each design unique.

We enjoy making products that not only bring a sense of whimsy to any space on their own, but also serves a purpose.

Rogue and Bunny were our dogs, they meant a lot to us, so I named the business after them. When I work on a custom design of someone's pet I understand how important those designs are to the person receiving them. 

We like to design things to make people smile, we hope our designs make you smile too!


 Florence Hansen   




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